This week, it’s training as usual, including the Friday morning weapon session in AKBAN Tel Aviv.

At the Taijutsu groups we will do two levels. Beginners and intermediate level will practice four throws: Harai Goshi (kukishin), O guruma, Kani Basami and Yoko Sutemi and add three self defense kata of Koto Ryu.


The advanced veteran level will explore four different exit points from an even rhythm preliminary attacks. Oni Kudaki, an armlock that has been bothering me since the fourth colloquium, will be emphasized.

All the levels will repeat attack and defense syncopation and at the Jerusalem group we will use the punching bag for sequential Kihon work.

Friday group will continue Randori oriented sword drills and start short stick of Jogo do pau.


I attached three videos, here

the first one is Kani Basami throw, the second one is Kataho no kata and the third one is some great guy I found two years ago in YouTube who does the basics of Jogo du Pau and got only 96 view since, most of these are mine, I am sure.

Anyway, here’s this guy who does awesome stick with cool looking sunglasses in his dojo.

When you walks alone, you must lower risks. “Play it safe. Choose a simpler route. learn the topography better. Carry more water. Lower luxury items and again, be prepared: know your map.”

You can not walk alone if you did not prepare your body and your mind set. You, you-yourself, is the most important piece of equipment you must prepare. Focus on preparing yourself. If you do not understand the details, do not go out alone, because, like randori, you will get hit if you lied to yourself.

Alone: do not sleep on the road or near the road, do not make noise, do not light a fire where you intend to sleep. If you are alone and you are looking for a place to sleep, look for a good place during the afternoon, remember its location, pass it. Then, if you want to light a fire, do so, cook, eat, drink tea. At dusk, pack your things and return quietly to where you you previously decided.

When you are alone, fear must pay you a visit. It might be daytime, it might be middle of the night, but it will visit. When fear comes to visit, be a good host, then let it depart on it’s way.

Taken with permission from “Kitab el AKBAN” D.&Y.

Another boring subject from the  wiki, Syncopation. Sigh. 

Hane Taoshi Kata explained from AKBAN academy on Vimeo.

Yossi Sheriff explains one of the reasons for the preliminary action in Kukishinden ryu kata using a modified Hane Taoshi kata.,_Okuden_gata_level,_Kukishin_Ryu
We start this week with two syllabus, one for the veterans and one for the intermediate groups. In the basic and intermediate groups we will work with wrist armlocks against an opponent at the first and the second timing.

Friday morning is the time for weapon training.

In the Jerusalem intermediate group we will also practice Jugan and second timing, repeat punching drills and Zenpo Kaiten. The veterans’s groups will analyse three Kukishinden Ryu kata and emphasis the role of Zanshin in Kukishinden ryu kata learning method.

The Kata for the veteran groups are:

Hane Taoshi from Okuden Gata
Hosetsu from Shoden Gata
Shio Kaze from Chuden Gata

Just now finished looking at all the numbers. 
14,000,000 views of our videos! 
21,800 YouTube subscribers! 
15,000 readers each month on our site, 
11 Dojos. Two more then last year, 
12 new Black belts (Mazal Tov). 
147 new students. 
But, Most important - 31 students from low economic background got FULL Scholarship and successfully finished 1st year. Keep on training!!!

…Behold, brother, you are being crushed under the weight of your head. You are dying of old age while you are yet a child.”

Weekend #quote in Akban

Schedule, syllabus and seminars. Beginning of our twenty sixth (26) year of training. 
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 ”the form of the fall is less important than the way you stand and fight again” #weekend_quote from Ofer Mizrahi